Biology is a lab oriented, concept building course designed to teach the state content standard for biological science. Topics include cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution and human physiology. Laboratory activities include dissection, investigation, and experimentation. Students develop problem-solving skills as they conduct experiments and develop critical thinking skills through research and discussion. This class fulfills both graduation and university entrance requirements in laboratory science.

Course Goals & Major Student Outcomes

This introductory course in living systems is designed around the State ofCalifornia’s Academic Content Standards for Biology which will provide a foundation for advanced studies in the life sciences in high school and beyond.

• Students will understand the basic unit of a cell, principles of genetics, ecology,evolution and physiology of living things.

• Students will develop critical thinking, problem solving and analysis skills necessaryfor successful performance in college courses.

• Students will be able to test the validity of scientific research as well as therobustness of scientific models and will be able to organize their thinking and resolve the issues of their scientific inquires.

Course Objectives

Specific student learning objectives as outlined by the California Science Content Standards & Framework.

Achievement of unmarked standards is required. Achievement of standards with an * is not required but all students will have the opportunity for extended learning.

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